Prescription drug vault maker Scripps Safe files for $15M IPO

Scripps Safe (SCRP), a manufacturer of drug vaults, has filed to raise $15M through a proposed initial public offering.

According to a filing, Scripps Safe is considering offer 3M shares for between $4 and $6 per share, which, if priced at the midpoint, would generate around $15 million.

The company plans to launch its stock on Nasdaq under the ticker SCRP. The principal bookrunner is WestPark Capital.

Scripps Safe reported a net loss of $327K on $511K in revenue for the nine months that ended on September 30.

Manufacturer of DEA-approved safes and vaults with integrated access control systems for the transportation and storage of pharmaceuticals, Scripps Safe is based in Florida.

The company also has supply chain tracking and inventory management services for the healthcare industry on the horizon.

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