Rihanna and Rocky reportedly become ASAP parents again, as per TMZ report.

Their second child, a baby boy, has arrived, but no official confirmation from the couple yet.

The newborn's name begins with "R," following the pattern of their first son's name, RZA Athelston Mayer

In a subtle hint, Rihanna flaunted her pregnancy in a red jumpsuit during her Super Bowl halftime show in February.

She performed above the ground on a suspended platform, revealing her bump.

Rihanna's representatives confirmed her pregnancy, and she continued to showcase stylish and adventurous maternity outfits.

The couple's first son, RZA, just turned 1 and already graced the cover of Vogue magazine.

Even before birth, Baby Rihanna II had in-utero appearances at prestigious events like the Oscars and Met Gala.

The newborn also featured in Pharrell Williams's debut Louis Vuitton campaign.

While not a competition, there's anticipation about the achievements Baby Rihanna II will accomplish in his first year.