Israeli company Regentis BioMaterials (RGBM) has filed for a potential $15 million initial public offering.

The company aims to Nasdaq listing of its stock.

In November, the company submitted its initial IPO filing, with an accompanying filing fee schedule indicating.....

By executing warrants, it hoped to generate up to $36 million.

Regentis, based in Or-Akiva, Israel, has created a degradable hydrogel known as GelrinC to cure excruciating knee cartilage injuries.

GenlrinC got market approval as a medical device in Europe in 2017, where the company plans to look for strategic partners.

For the FDA's approval, Regentis is also conducting clinical trials.

The medical device developer is currently operating in the red.

Regentis reported having no revenue and a net loss of $438K for the six-month period that ended on June 30.