Chandrayaan-3 successfully lands on the Moon's South Pole, making India the fourth country to achieve this feat.

India follows Russia, the U.S., and China in landing on the lunar surface and becomes the first to land on the Moon's South Pole, solidifying its global space power status.

The Vikram lander of Chandrayaan-3 touched down at 06:04 pm, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi present virtually from South Africa.

PM Modi lauds ISRO's scientists and highlights the significance of reaching the Moon's South Pole, emphasizing that the achievement belongs to all humanity.

PM Modi asserts that this successful Moon mission marks the beginning of a new era for India, representing the nation's progress and pride.

Following the landing, PM Modi speaks with ISRO chief S Somanath via phone, congratulating ISRO on the achievement.

S Somanath, ISRO chief, confirms the soft landing on the Moon and proudly states, "India is on the Moon."

Recent scientific discoveries about water ice traces on the Moon's South Pole have increased the region's significance among researchers.

In 2019, India's Chandrayaan-2 mission attempted a lunar South Pole landing, but a software failure resulted in a crash.

Prior to Chandrayaan-3, Russia's Luna-25 mission attempted a Moon landing but encountered failure, crashing into the lunar surface.