A potential Destiny 2 offline mode has surfaced through an unexpected leak.

The leak originates from a Google Search result displaying a sponsored page by Bungie.

The page hints at "new adventures online and off" for Destiny 2.

Community discussion arises on Reddit and ResetEra regarding the authenticity of the leak.

Multiple users report encountering the sponsored Bungie page when searching for "Destiny 2" on Google.

The title on the page reads "Bungie – Destiny 2 | New Adventures Online And Off."

The appearance of the page varies, catching the attention of both mobile and desktop users.

Bungie has not officially addressed or confirmed the existence of an offline mode.

Speculation is rife as players interpret the meaning of "off" in the context of the leak.

The possibility of a misunderstanding or misinterpretation is considered, with some thinking "off" could refer to non-gaming content linked to Bungie's IPs.