Big Shock: Hit Show ‘The Idol’ Gets Axed After Only One Season!

'The Idol' Gets Axed After Only One Season

The TV show called “The Idol” has been stopped by HBO after only one season. HBO confirmed this news. They, along with the creators and producers, have decided not to make a second season. An HBO spokesperson told CNN about this decision. They said that “The Idol” was one of HBO’s unique shows and that they were happy with how the audience reacted to it.

The show had five parts and was about a pop star named Lily-Rose Depp, who was like Britney Spears. She falls in love with a leader of a group and the owner of a nightclub. This character was played by Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye. The show wanted to show the not-so-good part of the music industry.

After the show was first shown at a film festival in Cannes in May, some people said it was very bad and had inappropriate content.

The show was made by Sam Levinson, who also made the popular HBO show “Euphoria.”

A magazine called Variety said the show was like a bad dream for men and that it treated the characters badly. They also said that the show was not as good as HBO’s other shows like “Succession” and “The White Lotus.”

The show had problems even before it was shown. The first director left the show when 80% of it was done. This was reported by Rolling Stone. They said that the show was made in a messy way.

When the show was finally shown, people did not like it. A reviewer from CNN named Brian Lowry said that the show was not good and it was boring. He also said that HBO’s streak of good shows was now broken because of “The Idol.”

Lowry finished by saying that HBO can think of “The Idol” as an experiment that did not work out, which happens sometimes.

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