Exciting Update: PlayStation Plus Prices Adjusting due to Game Pass Enhancements!

PlayStation Plus Prices Adjusting due to Game Pass Enhancements

Sony has officially announced that they will be raising the prices for their 12-month subscription plans for PlayStation Plus: Essential, Extra, and Premium. This price adjustment coincides with the announcement of new Essential games for September on the PlayStation Blog.

Starting from September 6, the cost of a 12-month PS Plus Essential subscription will go up from $60 to $80. For PS Plus Extra, the annual subscription fee will increase from $100 to $135. Similarly, the yearly subscription for PS Plus Premium will see a rise from $120 to $160.

Sony’s rationale behind this price adjustment is their commitment to delivering top-quality games and added value to their PlayStation Plus subscribers. They also highlight that even with the price increase, the 12-month subscription remains more cost-effective than opting for shorter-term plans over the same duration. This price adjustment comes shortly after Microsoft’s decision to raise the price of Xbox Game Pass.

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As for the game offerings for PS Plus Essential members this month, the lineup includes Saints Row, a 2022 reboot of an open-world crime franchise with a mixed reception at launch. Also included is Generation Zero, an open-world sci-fi shooter where players battle against malevolent machines. Additionally, those who haven’t acquired Black Desert MMO on PS4 can obtain the Black Desert – Traveler Edition, complete with supplementary items. If you already own Black Desert, you can simply redeem the Traveler Item Pack.

All the aforementioned games will be available for download from September 5 to October 2. The revised PlayStation Plus subscription prices will take effect on September 6 for new subscribers. Existing subscribers, however, will only experience the new pricing if their subscription renews after November 6.

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