Exclusive Sneak Peek: New Honkai Game Leak Uncovers Jingliu’s Amazing Eidolons!

New Honkai Game Leak Uncovers Jingliu's Amazing

New information from Honkai: Star Rail is giving hints about the special enhancements for the upcoming character Jingliu, who is going to be a five-star character. If players manage to get more than one copy of Jingliu, they will receive strong benefits.

Honkai: Star Rail recently revealed the special creatures called Eidolons that players can get for Jingliu. She’s a character that many players are looking forward to, and she’s set to be released in Version 1.4. Jingliu is quite popular even before her release and is an important part of the story in the China-themed world of Xianzhou Luofu.

The creators of the game, HoYoverse, are going to officially announce Jingliu’s release plans after the Special Program for Version 1.3. This program will also introduce another new five-star character named Topaz. However, now the leaks are showing what advantages players will get if they manage to obtain multiple copies of Jingliu.

Similar to how the Constellation system works in Genshin Impact, in Honkai: Star Rail, players who get more than one copy of a character receive special rewards. These rewards, known as Eidolons, can enhance different parts of a character’s abilities, usually making their attacks stronger and more useful.

Some Eidolons even provide unique benefits, such as Kafka’s second Eidolon, which increases the damage from all damage-over-time effects caused by her allies. Now, the leaked information is telling us that Jingliu’s Eidolons will greatly improve her damage-dealing abilities for players who manage to get extra copies of her.

A recent leak from a source known as Dimbreath, who often shares information about Honkai: Star Rail, has revealed six different upgrades for Jingliu’s Eidolons that will be available after the Version 1.4 update. The first Eidolon will increase Jingliu’s ability to land critical hits after she uses her powerful move or her enhanced skill. It will also give her a special boost when she attacks a single enemy.

The other Eidolons will provide general enhancements, such as increasing the damage of her powerful move by 30% (E2), enhancing her powerful move and skill levels (E3 and E5 respectively), and providing unique interactions with her special abilities (E4 and E6). These special abilities will make her attacks even stronger by using some of her allies’ health to power them up.

The leaked information also gives us more details about Jingliu’s special ability, which is called her Talent. This ability lets her enter a super-powered state called Spectral Transmigration during battles. When she accumulates two stacks of her unique Syzygy buff, she can enter this state, which gives her an extra turn and lets her use her enhanced skill.

While in the Spectral Transmigration state, Jingliu can use up to 6% of her allies’ health to make her attacks more powerful, depending on how much health she uses. It’s currently believed that Jingliu will be released as the main five-star character in Version 1.4, which is expected to come out around mid-October.

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Jingliu won’t be the only new character in the Version 1.4 update of Honkai: Star Rail. Alongside her, there will be another five-star character named Topaz, who specializes in fire-based attacks. Additionally, a new four-star character called Guinaifen will also be introduced. Guinaifen is a street performer from the Xianzhou Luofu region. Both Jingliu and Topaz will offer powerful damage-dealing options for players’ teams when they become available later this year.

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