Melissa Joan Hart’s Close Call: ‘Sabrina’ Role in Jeopardy After Bold Maxim Shoot

Melissa Joan Hart Maxim

Melissa Joan Hart recounts that she was approached by ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ after a glamorous photo shoot with Maxim magazine in 1999 and went unanswered to Variety’s request.

After writing an apology letter to me, she came face to face with her traumatic experiences, including being fired from the show and breaking up with her boyfriend.

“He said that while at the party, his lawyer asked him, ‘Did you do a photo shoot for Maxim magazine? To which the answer was yes. Then the lawyer told him that he is being sued against ‘Sabrina’ and he will be fired from his show, so he should not talk to the media.

He also shared that his father asked him, Are you okay?’ To which the answer was no. She cried and remembered her father hugging her and informing her that he had been fired from the show, which had also forced her to break up with her boyfriend.

Maxim’s cover line, ‘Sabrina, your favorite witch without stitches’ also became a topic of discussion, which caused a dispute between her and her contract. This was considered a point of difference with her producer, Archie Comics, as he did not share her views on nudity.

Hart stated that the reference to Archie Comics’ Sabrina the Teenage Witch series was off base, and he explained his response by writing an apology letter to the company.

Responding to Hart’s comments, the creator of Archie Comics said that he had no knowledge of this and that things were happening in an administrative context at the time.

There was a larger issue with this photo incident, which included the cover line ‘Sabrina, your favorite witch without a stitch’, the age between Hart and his contract.

Although this was alleged to have breached her contract with Archie Comics, Hart revealed that she had never, in fact, agreed to play a nude character.

Hart remembered crying in his father’s arms after receiving the news from his lawyer, who told him of their hardships.

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