Gamers Raving About ‘Sea Of Stars’ on Xbox Game Pass! ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽฎ

Gamers Raving About 'Sea Of Stars' on Xbox Game Pass!

The game “Sea of Stars” will be available for all Xbox Game Pass players starting tomorrow, August 29th. Before its release, reviewers are really impressed with this new addition to the service.

One of our own reviewers, PJ O’Reilly, gave the game a perfect score of 10/10 here at Pure Xbox. Many other reviewers are also giving Sea of Stars very high ratings. Here’s what the critics are saying about this Game Pass game:

Pure Xbox (10/10)

“Sea of Stars is an exciting indie game with clever turn-based RPG action. It’s set in a world filled with interesting characters, enjoyable puzzles, and real emotional depth. The developers at Sabotage Studios outdid themselves with their previous game, The Messenger, and now they’ve gone even further. This RPG adventure stands up to the legendary classics it draws inspiration from. Dive into it without knowing much, and enjoy a truly magical journey. It’s one of the best games this year and a must-play for Xbox Game Pass users.”

Dexerto (5/5)

“Sabotage Studio has succeeded in their ambitious goal. By paying tribute to the games they loved as kids and adding their own unique ideas, they’ve made a lasting impact on the JRPG genre. Sea of Stars is a modern classic.”

God is a Geek (10/10)

“Sea of Stars is one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. It takes inspiration from past games and improves every aspect of the genre. The combat is engaging, the characters are charming, and the game looks and sounds amazing. With so many games available, you shouldn’t miss out on playing this outstanding RPG.”

WellPlayed (9.5/10)

“Sea of Stars is an incredible journey that combines familiar elements with originality. The mechanics are engaging, and the story is colorful. It delivers some of the most memorable moments and surprises in any RPG I’ve played.”

Nintendo Life (9/10)

“Sea of Stars is a remarkable achievement for Sabotage. They’ve managed to create innovative takes on classic genres for the second time. Despite a few pacing issues, the intricate story, strategic combat, thoughtful level design, and stunning visuals and music make it an easy recommendation.”

PCGamesN (9/10)

“Sea of Stars successfully carries the legacy of some of the best JRPGs. It modernizes the magic of those games with well-balanced, captivating turn-based combat in an enchanting world to explore.”

Game Informer (9/10)

“Sea of Stars is a wonderful throwback that appeals to fans of 16-bit RPGs. It’s also a great entry point for newcomers. It addresses the annoyances present in early games that inspired it. Moving around the world feels smooth, the story hooks you quickly, and experience farming isn’t necessary. It offers a consistently thrilling adventure with enjoyable combat, all in a beautiful world.”

Push Square (8/10)

“Overall, Sea of Stars is incredibly enjoyable throughout. While inspired by classic RPGs, it stands out with its engaging story, great characters, and deep lore. The combat is fun and strategic, and exploring the beautiful pixelated world is rewarding. It’s not flawless, but its charming presentation, rich world, and personality make up for any shortcomings.”

Game Reactor (8/10)

“Sabotage deserves credit for crafting a precise gaming experience in Sea of Stars. Everything, from progression and challenge to combat and the Wheels minigame, is polished and well-executed.”

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