Game Modders Given Green Light to Bring Back Ubisoft Classic

Game Modders Given Green Light to Bring Back Ubisoft Classic

A bunch of people who like changing games got permission from a company called Ubisoft to make the old game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic better. They got a special tool to help them do this. The game was made a long time ago by a group called Arkane Studios, with some help from another group called Valve.

At first, Arkane wanted to make Dark Messiah of Might and Magic as a follow-up to their first game, Arx Fatalis. They got the chance to make the game when Valve said they could use their new game-making tool called the Source engine. But it was hard for Arkane to find a company to publish their second Arx Fatalis game, mostly because the first game didn’t sell well. Only Ubisoft wanted to publish it. They made it a side story in their series called Might and Magic. The game also came out on Xbox 360. Even though the reviews were mixed, the game became popular among a small group of fans.

Now, after 17 years, a team of people who like changing games, led by someone named David Wiltos, got permission from Ubisoft to make Dark Messiah of Might and Magic better. They got a tool that helps them change the game’s insides. This tool is important because it can sometimes involve using parts of the game’s code, which is like its DNA. But using someone else’s code without permission can be illegal. That’s why Ubisoft’s permission was needed.

After talking with Ubisoft for two years, the game-changers got the green light to use the tool. They’re excited and will work on it as quickly as they can. They already made a small tool that lets players add a cool graphics feature called ray-tracing to the game.

This special tool they have is from Nvidia, a company that makes computer stuff. It only works on certain types of computer parts called GeForce GPUs that have ray-tracing. The game-changers are also making a way for people to play the game together, which was their first idea. But when the online community got interested, they decided to make the tool bigger and better.

Now that Ubisoft said it’s okay, the game-changers can make the game even cooler with their special tool. This might get more people interested in the game again, and that’s great for the game’s fans.

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