Do Kwon Net Worth 2023 : Founder of Luna Classic 

In this article, We will discuss about Do Kwon net worth and also we will talk about the person who is the mastermind behind Luna Classic Coin. Do Kwon is the person who started and leads Terraform Labs, a business based in Singapore that is originally from South Korea. Terra LUNA Classic is a part of Terraform Labs.

Do Kwon Net Worth

Do Kwon is an entrepreneur who created Terra Labs (LUNA) and UST (UST), a Stablecoin. Both companies recently failed and lost more than $45 billion in public investments. Do Kwon Net worth about $10 billion because of his work in cryptocurrency and his ownership of other companies like Basis Cash in 2019.

Who is Do Kwon ?

Do Kwon was born in South Korea on September 1, 1991. He graduated from Stanford College with a degree in Computer Science and worked as an engineer for Apple and Microsoft, but only for three months at each company.  

Later, he started working in the cryptocurrency industry and founded two Stablecoin projects called Basis Cash and Terra (LUNA).

 Both projects became worth billions of dollars, but eventually failed because they were considered “Ponzi’s” schemes. The ways they were designed to provide yield and price stability were flawed, which caused the value of the Stablecoins to drop and no longer be equal to the US Dollar.

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Do Kwon Net Worth 2023

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Do Kwon was likely a multi-billionaire when LUNA was trading at  $100 before it crashed.

 If Do Kwon’s net worth changed from $1.5 billion to $15 million, it may not seem like much, but it still gives him the status of a millionaire. It’s hard to say how much of this money he can actually use, but it’s still a significant amount.

Luna Classic Crash

LUNA is the main token for the Terra Blockchain System. Stablecoins like Tether (USDT) are linked to the US dollar, which is a stable currency because it is held in banks and other reserves around the world. The US dollar is also issued by the United States, which is why its value doesn’t decrease and it is considered safe.

The crash of Terra LUNA (now called LUNA Classic) was likely caused by a technical glitch on the server end or it might have been planned by the company. The company wasn’t responding to its users or addressing criticism on Twitter, and the creator of Terra LUNA has a history of creating failed stablecoins.

In an interview, Do Kwon stated that he was solely responsible for the crash and that he hadn’t considered the consequences for himself. He also mentioned that he doesn’t worry about it because he lives a simple life.

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After hearing what Do Kwon said about the crash wiping out his wealth, it’s understandable that those affected may feel heartbroken. Based on this, I do not believe that Do Kwon is a good man or CEO. 


Do Kwon is the founder of Terra Luna Classic, a cryptocurrency company based in Singapore. He also created two failed Stablecoin projects, Terra Labs (LUNA) and UST (UST), which lost over $45 billion in public investments. Do Kwon Net Worth is estimated to be around $10 billion due to his work in the cryptocurrency industry and ownership of other companies. He was born in South Korea in 1991 and studied Computer Science at Stanford College, where he worked briefly as an engineer. The crash of Terra LUNA (now called LUNA Classic) may have been caused by a technical glitch or potentially planned by the company. Do Kwon admitted responsibility for the crash and stated that he doesn’t worry about it because he lives frugally. Some may view him as a questionable man or CEO based on his actions.


How much money did Do Kwon make?

Do Kwon, an employee of Terraform Labs, informed the US Securities and Exchange Commission that he withdrew $80 million on a monthly basis.

How much did Do Kwon make from Luna?

Do Kwon is alleged to have withdrawn approximately $2.7 billion in the time leading up to the collapse of Luna UST

Did Do Kwon sell Bitcoin?

Do Kwon still cashing out, but is no longer using Bitcoin for this purpose

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