Check Out the Hottest Summer Selfie by Bad Bunny!

Check Out the Hottest Summer Selfie by Bad Bunny

Some artists released songs for the end of summer, and others were in the news for their relationships or business stuff. Bad Bunny did something different this weekend. He shared a bunch of photos and videos on Instagram, showing what he’s been up to lately.

One of the pictures showed him naked, but it didn’t show everything. He was in a shower, and the picture cut off just before showing too much. This caused a lot of people to talk about it on Twitter.

Bad Bunny has shared bold pictures on Instagram before, but this one was probably the most daring. Looking at his other posts, it’s clear he’s been working out a lot, so he wanted to show off his progress.

He also hinted about his relationship with Kendall Jenner. He wore a necklace with the letter “K,” and he shared a picture of drinks with Kendall’s brand of tequila. He even posted a video from a hike with a woman who sounded a lot like Kendall. He called her “Mami” and told her to be careful.

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