Exciting News: Baldur’s Gate 3 Update to Include Awesome Endings

Baldur's Gate 3 Update to Include Awesome Endings

“Baldur’s Gate 3 is really popular, but it has some problems. People are not happy with Act Three, especially when they’re in Baldur’s Gate city, because it doesn’t work well. Also, there’s a problem with how the story ends for some of the friends you meet in the game. It’s not like other games where they tell you what happened to them after the adventure, so it’s a bit disappointing.

Luckily, the game makers are going to fix this. They’re getting ready to release an update, and they’re starting by adding endings to the stories of the characters that were there from the start. The characters you make yourself will have to wait for this. This means we’ll finally know what happened to these characters after the adventure, even if we didn’t play as them. We’ll get to see how the adventure changed them.

The game makers, called Larian Studios, talked about this in a message on Twitter. They said the update is the first step in adding more to the endings of the characters that were there from the start. This probably means that if you played as one of these characters, you’ll learn about what they did next, and how your choices affected them. We don’t know yet if characters who weren’t the main player will also get an ending.

If this is what Larian Studios means, then if you made a character that was in a romantic relationship with one of the main characters, their ending might include your character too. This is how the endings worked in an older Baldur’s Gate game called Throne of Bhaal. The main player didn’t get their own ending, but they were shown with the character they were in a relationship with.

But, Throne of Bhaal came out a long time ago in 2001. Many games since then have given the main player an ending of their own, or they’ve told players what happened because of their choices. So hopefully, this update is just the start, and later on, we’ll get a proper ending.

The update won’t just fix the endings, though. Larian Studios also said they’re going to make the game work better, especially the third part which has the most problems.

We don’t know when the update will come out, but it will probably be around the same time that the game becomes available on the PS5 console. The PS5 release is on September 6th, and it will come to Xbox before the year ends.”

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